Thursday, April 27, 2017

Field Trip Reflection

   1. My favorite part of the trip was learning what toys pioneer children played with and getting to test them out. There were stilts, ball and cup, tug-of-war, etc. I liked trying to walk on stilts. It was amusing!
   2. I learned how the pioneers made clothes and reused the fabric from their clothes to make rugs. The pioneers liked to use wool to make yarn. They used a spinning wheel to spin the wool into yarn. When their clothes were too small for them or not needed anymore, they would cut the clothes into strips and then sew them end to end. They used a machine called a weaver to make rugs with those strips of cloth.
   3. The Mormons moved West because their leader was killed, and they were forced out of their homes due to difference in religion. They needed to leave because conflict had started.
   4. If I could choose a part of Nauvoo to research more, it would probably be the blacksmith. I found it interesting how they can bend metal and shape it however they want by letting it sit in the fire for a little bit. It was great to watch!
   I really enjoyed the trip to Nauvoo and hope to go back to see more extraordinary sights!


  1. I also think that the stilts were amusing! What was really cool to me was how they could take worn out clothes and turn them into a carpet.

  2. Your #2 made me really think about how nothing was wasted with the pioneers. When their clothes were worn out, they could be made into rugs, or the strands of string could be pulled from them and braided into wicks for candles. It's a different way of thinking from now, where are our landfills are brimming with junk that people just throw away without even thinking about.

  3. I think that the blacksmith would be an amazing topic to research as well! What exact part would you want to research?